About SafeGasOhio

This Web site is brought to you by the natural gas member companies of the Ohio Gas Association (OGA). Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the OGA works to inform our members of rules, regulations and accepted practices within the natural gas industry.

All text and images appearing on this Web site may be freely downloaded and utilized for the purpose of natural gas safety awareness. Any commercial use of such materials is expressly prohibited.

Natural gas companies: For more information about the OGA’s natural gas safety awareness campaign, call 614-545-6307 .

Or, you can write:
Ohio Gas Association
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What to do if you suspect a gas leak

If you smell a natural gas odor, hear the hissing sound of gas escaping or see other signs of a leak:

  • REMAIN calm.
  • DON'T light a match, candle or cigarette.
  • DON'T turn electrical appliances or lights on or off or use any device that could cause a spark.
  • IMMEDIATELY EVACUATE the area, and from a safe location, call your local natural gas company and 9-1-1 for emergency response.