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Welcome educators! With over 3.6 million residential, commercial and industrial customers in Ohio relying on natural gas to meet their energy needs, it’s essential to teach all segments of our population, including school-aged children, about natural gas safety. That’s where you come in.

The Ohio Gas Association is pleased to present this comprehensive series of FREE lesson plan activities, including science experiments, a crossword puzzle, a word find, diagrams and more. By completing these activities, your students will learn how to detect and properly respond to a gas leak, whether at home, school or out and about.

To get started, please download the following guide for teachers FIRST (available as an Adobe® PDF file). In it, you’ll find a brief overview of natural gas history and safety, along with step-by-step instructions on how to implement each item in your classroom.

Guide For Teachers

Lesson plan activities: The following activities are designed to accommodate a one- to two-day lesson plan on natural gas awareness and safety. All activities are available as Adobe(r) PDF documents; to download an activity, simply click on its file name. For more information about the lesson plan activities, please consult the guide for teachers.

Know Your Natural Gas Lingo & Natural Gas Word Match

Coloring Pages

Stay In Step With Natural Gas Safety

An A-MAZE-ING Escape

Crossword Puzzle & Word Find

Bio Gas Experiment

Fizzy Gas Experiment

Homework Assignments

Natural Gas Whiz Kid Certificate